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Questions and Answers about Electrical Port Modules
Knowledge Base + 2024.01.25

An electrical interface module typically refers to a modular interface used to connect electrical devices. These interfaces can have different shapes, sizes and functions and are used to realize electrical connections between devices. Electrical port modules are widely used in a variety of electronic devices, electrical systems and communication equipment.

These modules are usually designed to conform to specific electrical standards and specifications to ensure that they are compatible with a wide range of devices. Some common electrical port modules include USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports, HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) ports, power outlets, and more.

The choice of electrical port modules depends on the needs and purpose of the device. They can be used for different purposes such as transferring data, power supply, audio and video transmission. The modular design makes the device easier to maintain and upgrade, and also improves the flexibility and interoperability of the device.

1、Is the 10/100/1000M electrical port the same as the 1000M electrical port?

No, because the circuit port rate design of the switch is different, so you need to match the corresponding rate of the electrical port module, 10/100/1000M electrical port can support three rates of self-adaptation, 1000M electrical port only supports pure Gigabit.

2, the electric port module does not have multi-rate and single-rate points?

The 10G rate of the electrical interface module, there is support for multi-rate (1-10Gb/s), there is only a single rate (10Gb/s).

3, the electric port module operating temperature are commercial grade?

No. 10Gb electric port module is only commercial grade, but the Gigabit electric port module has commercial grade and industrial grade. The operating temperature range of commercial grade is 0-70℃, and the operating temperature range of industrial grade is -45-80℃.

4、Does the electrical port module support hot-swapping?

Support. However, note that frequent hot swapping may affect the service life of the module, so frequent hot swapping is not recommended.

5、Can the electric port module improve the network transmission rate?

No, it can't. The electrical port module is only a photoelectric converter, it can not improve the signal transmission rate.

6、Can I use the SFP ECM in the SFP+ slot?

SFP electrical port module can run in SFP+ slot, but SFP+ electrical port module cannot run in SFP slot.

7、Can RJ45 and SFP interfaces be directly interconnected?

RJ45 and SFP interfaces can not be directly interconnected, you can plug in the SFP port through the electrical interface module, and then use the network cable to connect.

8、Can I use Cat5E cable to connect the 10GbE module?

Yes. Cat5E cable only supports Gigabit rate, not 10Gbps. 10Gbps signal transmission requires Cat6A or Cat7 cable.

9、Can the 10GbE module be used as a Gigabit Ethernet module?

Yes. The 10GbE module can be downward compatible to Gigabit rate, but it is not recommended to use it in this way, the price of 10GbE module is several times more expensive than that of Gigabit module.

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