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The phyletic characteristic of oscillograph
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

The phyletic characteristic of oscillograph

The sort of oscillograph has a lot of, the amount that can show signal according to oscillograph, indication parts of an apparatus that measures function, weaveform and measure limits to wait undertake classified. Among them, have; of odd footprint oscillograph, dual track oscillograph according to showing the amount of signal will divide according to the measurement of oscillograph the function can be divided for imitate oscillograph and digital oscillograph.

Odd footprint oscillograph and dual track oscillograph

Odd footprint oscillograph has a signal to input end only, can show a signal only on screen, it can detect only undee appearance, frequency and cycle, and the comparison that cannot undertake two signal or 3 signal oscillograph of; dual track has two signal to the input is carried and detect twice the passageway of signal, what can show two different signal at the same time on indication screen is undee, and can be opposite the frequency of two signal, phasic, weaveform undertake comparative.

Odd footprint oscillograph

Structure of odd footprint oscillograph is simpler, the function is opposite a few less also, actually substance appearance is like plan institute to show.

The button of odd footprint oscillograph is less, use more convenient, common model breed still has a lot of kinds, graph 1-7 place is shown it is two kinds among them.

Construction of type of odd footprint oscillograph, its are highest indication frequency is 7MHz, can use in general sound equipment and overhaul of colour television machine, it has a smaller oscilloscope tube, opposite for stabler.

Clew explains

In odd footprint oscillograph, brightness knob uses the button of brightness; focusing that adjusts indication weaveform to be able to adjust weaveform optimal focusing position. Mark has (+ , - ) extremely is polarity switch pushbutton, positive electrode sex is below common position, press going is negative pole sex, compare when checking TV signal commonly commonly used, and detecting is to need not consider signal polarity when general sine signal and pulse signal.

There are 3 buttons below oscilloscope tube, its win the bid the undee displacement that the pushbutton of Y displacement expresses perpendicular direction to go up, the button that mark has X displacement represents the undee displacement on horizontal way, mark has synchronous pushbutton to be used at adjusting the synchronism of signal, when indication weaveform is not synchronous, adjust this pushbutton to make weaveform synchronous, see well not easily otherwise undee. The limits that the voltage attenuation of odd footprint oscillograph blocks is block the biggest 30V from the smallest 10mV, if use 1: 10 decrease a head, measure limits to expand 10 times can achieve 300V taller perhaps.

The cycle of pushbutton of cycle of odd footprint oscillograph is arrive from 10ms 0.3s, this range is wider. Oscillograph has axis of a X to input a passageway, as corresponding as its left is passageway of Y axis input, these two pushbutton are OK the synthesis of the signal that at the same time observation inputs to X axis and Y axis is undee. Additional, measure communication signal and dc signal to also have the button that answers relatively, if measure dc signal,press DC pushbutton go; measures communication signal to play its pushbutton come out.

Dual track oscillograph

Dual track oscillograph has two signal to input end, the weaveform that can show two different signal at the same time on indication screen and can be opposite the frequency of two signal, phasic, weaveform undertake comparative.

Structure of typical appearance of dual track oscillograph, it basically is by two signal the input is carried, all sorts of adjustment knob, indication screen, outside bright wait for a part to form. (Pursue as follows: The appearance structure of dual track oscillograph)

Clew explains:

The frequency limits of dual track oscillograph has the norms such as 0~ 20MHZ, 0~40MH, in be being maintained according to needing to be used in home appliance. In the television, in photographing videocorder, the frequency limits of the luminance signal that processes is 0~6MHz, the frequency limits of chroma signal is 4.43~ 4.93MH2, and the frequency of audio signal is under 20kHz, and in high frequency oscillograph besides can detect besides frequency signal, video signal, still can detect the signal with the signal of oscillation of a few clock that 20MHz controls and partial a bit louder frequency, using actually in the center, detect for instance circuit of interior of machine of videocorder, colour television, their frequency is for the most part under 10MHz, commonly the oscilloscope that can use 20MHz undertakes maintaining.

But these oscillograph cannot detect the radio frequency signal of colour television machine, be in because of the frequency of the radio frequency signal of the television 40MHz above, and signal intensity is lesser, unfavorable detect with oscillograph. The radio frequency signal that those who be worth a specification is a television is common also need not oscillograph is measured. In the job that maintains system of cable television engine, basically be to use a strong appearance or spectrum analyzer to detect radio frequency signal.