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  • Tunable SFP+ Transceiver Wiki

    50G Tunable SFP+ ER, 50G Tunable SFP+ ZR are tunable SFP+ optical transceiver modules covering the full C-band for connecting 10Gb/s~11.1Gb/s 50GHZ DWDM links up to 80KM over G.652 fiber.The SFP+ Tunable Optical Modules are compliant with 10GBASE- ZR/-ZW protocols and are used with SONET OC-192 LR2 and SDH STM-64 ITU-T G.959 P1L1-2 ITU-T G.959 P1L1-2 ITU-T G.959 STM-64. ZR/-ZW protocol, and applie

  • 10G BIDI SFP+ Optical Modules Wiki

    10G SFP+ BIDI series optical modules include 10G SFP+ BIDI 10km, 10G SFP+ BIDI 20km, 10G SFP+ BIDI 40km, 10G SFP+ BIDI 60km, 10G SFP+ BIDI 80km and so on, which are available in commercial grade temperature, extended grade temperature and industrial grade temperature. They are available in commercial-grade, extended-grade, and industrial-grade temperatures for customers to choose from.10G SFP+ BID

  • DWDM SFP+ 10G Optical Module Wiki

    WDM SFP+ 10G Optical Module is a small, hot-swappable, dual-fiber, bi-directional 10G optical module in SFP+ package. It supports 10.5Gbps transmission rate, adopts EML COOLED transmitter laser (more suitable for high speed and long distance transmission than traditional DFB laser), the center wavelength is from 1560.61nm to 1530.33nm with 39 bands, and the transmission distance is up to 40KM Tran

  • CWDM SFP+ 10G Optical Module Wiki

    CWDM SFP+ 10G optical module is a low-cost WDM transmission technology for the access layer of metro network.CWDM SFP+ 10G optical module adopts CWDM technology, which can save optical fiber resources by using external wavelength division multiplexer to multiplex optical signals of different wavelengths together and transmit them through one optical fiber. At the same time, the receiver needs to u

  • Video SFP Optical Module Wiki

    Walsun specializes in R&D and production:SFP Optical Module,Industrial Video SFP Optical Module,12G SDI Video SFP Optical Module,6G SDI Video SFP Optical Module,3G SDI Video SFP Optical Module,HD SDI Video SFP Optical Module,SDI Video SFP Optical Module,100% Perfectly Compatible with All Series of High Definition SDI Optical Converters,Ultra High Definition SDI Optical Transceiver and so on.12