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What is oscillograph- It why so important
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

Oscillograph is a kind of equipment, the weaveform that can let you carry indication electron signal will understand voltage to follow the metabolic case of time.

Why is this very important?

The electronic product such as the lamp, TV, air conditioning needs circuit to offerElectric energy.

Circuit is electric currentThose who had flowed at 2 o'clock or many method.

VoltageIt is the electric power in two drive electric current.

Sometimes voltage expression is abnormal, you must be found outWhereAbility corrects it.

Try to discover below the circumstance that does not have oscillograph this problem resembles drivingCheating blind foldcar.

Now, to thorough guideline, we will cover the following topic.

  • What is oscillograph?

  • Oscillograph brief history

  • What is imitate oscillograph?

  • What is digital oscillograph?

  • What effect does the system on oscillograph have?

What is oscillograph?

When the circuit that becomes you has constant to decide voltage, avometer is the tool of a kind of single number that can be used at measuring voltage. When you begin compose to build more complex circuit, this becomes redundant. This is the place of the use on oscillograph clique.

Oscillograph can let you examine voltage to follow the metabolic case of time. These voltage call signal, use at passing information, broadcast frequency signal of music on loudhailer for example.

Oscillograph shows the certain content that shows on screen is the voltage signal that use graph measures. X-axis shows tension, cross axle represents time.

This shows whether the behavior that will make you can decide circuit works normally. It still can invite any problems in circuit of your fixed position, call the does not need signal of noise for example.

Oscillograph has two kinds of kinds; Imitate and number. Can introduce in detail later, because we will be brief now,introduce the history of oscillograph.

Oscillograph brief history

Oscillograph was invented by Blondel of French physicist Andr 1893. His device can record the electric value of a quantity such as alternating current intensity. The Chinese ink that is added on coil is placed board information record in mobile punched tape. The bandwidth of the first oscillograph is very small, in 10 arrive between 19 KHz.

Later what we discuss will morely is bandwidth, but the historical lesson that lets us end us first.

German physicist Karl Ferdinand Braun invented a CRT 1897 (CRT) , obtained significant progress. The development of the oscillograph after World War II begins to quicken.

1946, howard Wolemu (Howard Vollum) and Meierwen Jackie Moduoke (Melvin Jack Murdock) two people founded peaceful restrains a company, this company already became one of leaders that world oscillograph produces nowadays. Of the same age, they invented the first oscillograph 511 model, have spark scanning and 10 MHz bandwidth. Spark scanning allows to secure demonstrate form of heavy complex wave.

Let us talk about the distinction between imitate oscillograph and digital oscillograph now.

What is imitate oscillograph?

Imitate oscillograph uses tall gain amplifier to be in green CRT (weaveform shows on CRT) screen. In short, imitate oscillograph is the old edition oscillograph that era developed first 1940.

Imitate oscillograph provided channel of one of many perpendicular passageways, a level, one sparks a system, time base and module of a CRT.

Perpendicular passageway includes delay of an an an attenuator, preamplifier, imitate line and one magnifies signal CRT model place needs n perpendicular amplifier.

Horizontal passageway has pattern of two kinds of jobs, interior and exterior. Spark the system has n to adjust, can increasing and reduce n between switch.

What is digital oscillograph?

Digital oscillograph uses contemporary LCD screen. The almost all new oscillograph that makes today is a number.

In digital oscillograph, show in signal in screen an extra measure was used before going up. Extra step uses modulus converter to change signal amount to word to flow, eliminated the requirement to CRT type screen thereby.

This reduced the complexity of the design, it is more function put apart space.

An example is to add signal processing and complex mathematical operation, these standard functions that now is most number oscillograph.

We talk about the system on oscillograph now.

What effect does the system on oscillograph have?

Basic oscillograph has 4 different systems, namely perpendicular system, standard system, spark system and indication system. These systems allow you each times medium to measure specific thing

Perpendicular system accuses can use at perpendicular fixed position to mix shrink put weaveform. It still can be used at installing limitation of input coupling, bandwidth and bandwidth to increase.

Horizontal system can be used at deciding sampling rate and record length, and the level locates and shrink put weaveform.

Spark the system makes you can stabilize form of heavy complex wave to photograph undee photograph from substaintial arsis. Those who have different kind spark system, for example edge sparks, the threshold value of specific requirement in answering input signal sparks.

Want to collect oscillograph to read extraction data, you need a probe.

Probe has two bodies, namely ground connection clip and probe are most advanced. You can place ground connection join to the ground connection reference point of circuit, use the tension that bougie needle is probed everywhere and measures whole circuit each a little bit next.