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The working principle of imitate oscillograph
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

The functional block diagram of imitate oscillograph is shown like plan institute. See from the graph, it basically is formed by oscilloscope tube and the circuit that provide drive signal for perpendicular deflexion, level deflexion.

The perpendicular input terminal that wants the signal of observation to be added to imitate oscillograph face plate (V terminal) , by vertical axis amplifier enlarge hind is added to perpendicular deflexion electrode. Meanwhile, horizontal scanning voltage is set to produce circuit in the interior of imitate oscillograph, the horizontal scanning that produces is toothed on the horizontal deflexion electrode that wave voltage adds imitate oscilloscope tube. This circuit is called again Shen Lu of oscillation of time axis scanning.

Imitate oscillograph shows the main parts of an apparatus of signal weaveform is oscilloscope tube. Its structure sketch map is shown like graph 2-25 place. Oscilloscope tube is a picture tube actually, call a CRT again (CRT) . Oscilloscope tube front is a circle (or quadrate) fluorescent screen, in fluorescent screen inside besmear has fluorescent material, oscillograph rear sets electron gun, the meeting after be being heated by filament when electron gun launchs an electron to zincous direction, below the action of fluorescent material, electron beam is shot can give off light on fluorescent screen, if shoot the same position in screen, can show more and more brightly. The electron beam that shoots when electron gun place according to input signal.

When undee change, can present the weaveform that gives signal on oscilloscope tube. Can see electrode of two groups of deflexion is set in oscilloscope tube in the structure that shows from plan institute, a group of levels are installed, another group of perpendicular settings. Scanning oscillating circuit produces toothed wave signal to be added to perpendicular deflexion plate, electron beam moves up and down below the action of toothed wave voltage, as the input metrical signal signal is added to horizontal deflexion plate, electron beam can control change according to the weaveform of signal, make full form signal shows the screen in oscilloscope tube to go up.

If electron beam does not have the master piece outside getting to use, in the center of electron beam can shoot fluorescent screen, show a window then, if electron beam got the action of outside force, can present a change so. After receiving the probe of imitate oscillograph and circuit one case repeatedly, voltage signal reachs the perpendicular deflexion system of imitate oscillograph through probe. Set perpendicular scale (to volt / case undertakes controlling) hind, attenuator can reduce the tension of signal, and the tension that amplifier can increase signal. Subsequently, signal arrives at the perpendicular deflecting plates of CRT directly. Voltage action causes window to move in screen at these perpendicular deflecting plates. Window arises by the electron beam that is hit in materially of CRT in-house fluorescence. Positive electricity pressing causes window to move up negative voltage causes window to be down motion, if plan institute is shown.

Signal the system is started or also touch hair level to scan through sparking. Horizontal scanning is the system that makes electron beam makes the same score directional deflexion in water. After striking hair standard system, window is with horizontal time base fiducial, the time-interval with specific according to from left the line that the window confluence that moves quickly to right mobile Xu Li reachs to be able to form sincere together. If speed is enough tall, criterion every illicit bell has swept window the number of screen arrives high 500000 times, if plan institute is shown.

The level scans and joint action can form perpendicular deflexion show the signal picture on screen. Trigger can stabilize implementation reduplicative signal, ensure scanning always is from what repeat signal same point begins, the purpose makes the picture that present clear namely, if plan institute is shown.