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SC interface optical module some knowledge
Knowledge Base + 2024.01.22

SC interface optical module that the interface type is SC optical module, must be used with SC interface jumpers to normal use, SC optical module interface fastening method is used to plug the pin latch type, do not need to rotate, very convenient to use.

Classification of SC Optical Module

SC optical module compared to LC optical module and MPO optical module used less frequently, SC optical module mainly GBIC optical module, XENPAK optical module, X2 optical module, these three kinds of optical modules in the market has been rarely seen, the use of SC interface modules are mainly the following models

X210Gbps/1.25Gbps/100Mbps  SC

GBIC Optical Module

GBIC optical module is the earliest hot-swappable optical module, using SC interface, at that time, its characteristics are convenient for maintenance and update, fault location, used in Gigabit Ethernet, and the emergence of the SFP optical module led to the gradual withdrawal of the GBIC optical module from the stage of history;

② XENPAK Optical Module

XENPAK optical module supports all the optical interfaces defined by IEEE 802.3ae standard, the first generation of modules for 10G Ethernet, using SC interfaces, large size, high power consumption;

③ X2 Optical Module

X2 optical module of the internal function module and XENPAK optical module in the circuit board are basically the same, after the improvement of the X2 optical module is only one-half of the size of the XENPAK optical module, suitable for high-density network, but its cost is high, is a transition product.

In addition to the above three modules, there are some of the BIDI optical module will also use the SC interface, due to the volume, cost, power consumption and other reasons, the above three optical modules have been slowly eliminated by the market, which is also one of the reasons why the SC optical module is used less frequently.

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