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Gigabit Ethernet Module: SFP to RJ45 Solution
Knowledge Base + 2024.01.30

During network deployment, it is common to encounter situations where one end of the network device has a Gigabit optical port while the other end has a Gigabit electrical port. The optical port accommodates optical modules that connect to fiber optics, while the electrical port accommodates Ethernet cables, making direct connection impossible. Regular 10 Gigabit optical modules cannot fulfill this task, whereas electrical port optical modules perfectly undertake this responsibility. What is the SFP to RJ45 Solution?

Gigabit Ethernet modules are widely used in Gigabit Ethernet networks. Compared to regular Gigabit optical modules, the primary advantage of Gigabit Ethernet modules is their ability to convert optical ports on devices into electrical ports to address the shortage of electrical ports on devices. The SFP to RJ45 solution involves inserting a Gigabit Ethernet module into the Gigabit optical port of a device to connect it to an Ethernet cable, which is then connected to the electrical port of the opposite device. This solution is mainly applied in short-distance data transmission, offering high performance, low power consumption, and a compact design.

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Gigabit Ethernet modules are divided into pure Gigabit electrical port modules and adaptive electrical port modules. Both types have identical packaging. Pure Gigabit electrical port modules operate at a speed of 1000Mbps and are not suitable for low-speed network environments. Adaptive electrical port modules operate at speeds of 10/100/1000Mbps, adapting to various network environments.

Among Gigabit Ethernet modules, adaptive electrical port modules are more popular due to their superior adaptability. However, in certain specific network environments, the performance of pure Gigabit optical modules (electrical port) may be better.

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