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100G QSFP28 BIDI LR1 Optical Module Solutions for Beginners
Industry Dynamic + 2023.11.20

The 100G QSFP28 BIDI LR1 Single Fiber Optical Transceiver Module is an optical transceiver module designed for single-channel O-band optical transmission over 10km-20km. The module contains single-channel optical signals and operates at 100Gbps data rate. The 4x25Gb/s (4x28Gb/s) NRZ electrical input data is converted into a single optical signal for 100Gb/s optical transmission, and conversely, at the receiving end, the 100Gb/s optical input data is converted into 4x25Gb/s (4x28Gb/s) NRZ electrical output data. The electrical interface of the module is compliant with OIF CEI-28G-VSR and QSFP28 MSA.


Next, let's take a look at the advantages of 100G QSFP28 BIDI LR1 single-fiber optical transceiver module products:

1, we all know that conventional fiber optic transmission is single-fiber unidirectional, to achieve two-way communication requires two optical fibers, the two comparisons, BIDI technology requires only one optical fiber can be, that is, doubling the transmission of the existing optical fiber, thus saving fiber resources.

2, in addition, dual-fiber optical modules only one wavelength, usually 850nm, 1310nm, 1550nm, etc.. While single-fiber optical modules have two different wavelengths. As the wavelength of the BIDI optical module does not produce a large dispersion cost, transmission indicators and dual-fiber bidirectional optical module and no other difference in cost and has a clear advantage, without increasing the maintenance and management, so the use of fiber optic direct connection program on the use of single-fiber bi-directional module is the best choice. At the optical module level, BIDI optical modules and color optical modules are to a certain extent to enhance the utilization of fiber, for the user is also a good choice to save costs.

3, Walsun 100G QSFP28 BIDI LR1 single-fiber optical module can be fully compatible with existing switch interfaces, and the use of a more concise traditional TO airtight package, the production process to reduce the consumption of man-hours, so the manufacturing cost will be relatively lower.

4, 100G QSFP28 BIDI LR1 single-fiber optical module transmitter and receiver only use one optical chip, product design is more concise, reduce device costs while also reducing production and manufacturing costs.

About 100G QSFP28 Full Series BIDI Solution

100G QSFP28 SR BIDI module for enterprise network campus and data center short distance application scenarios, can maximize the use of existing cable resources, to achieve 40G to 100G network architecture upgrade. It has two independent full-duplex optical channels, a single channel to achieve two 25G NRZ electrical signals into a single 50G PAM4 optical signals, its maximum power consumption of 4W, support for commercial temperature applications, the farthest transmission distance of 100m @ OM4.


100G QSFP28 BIDI Long Distance series modules are suitable for application scenarios with long distance, low-latency transmission, and scarce fiber resources, which can meet the needs of interconnection between cities or remote villages, connection between regional data centers and edge data centers, interconnection between different campus server rooms within an enterprise, and interconnection from 5G aggregation server rooms to core routes.

100G QSFP28 ZR4 BIDI module adopts the mature architecture of 4*25G NRZ on both the electrical/optical side, which is fully compatible with the interfaces of existing network equipment, O-band wavelength range to reduce the dispersion effect of long-distance transmission, SOA integration technology to compensate for the optical signals on the receiving end, high-power lasers to improve the quality of its transmitted signals, and built-in WDM combining and splitting technology, which can ultimately realize 80km long-distance single-fiber bi-directional transmission.

Fiber Optics 100G QSFP28 BIDI modules will help customers improve network transmission efficiency, increase fiber utilization, reduce network deployment costs, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and help customers continue to create value.

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