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Why is the SFP port important?
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.07

Nearly all high-speed network switches will only work with fiber ports, because only fiber can provide the maximum bandwidth over a long distance. Though copper cables yet support high-speed transmission, they are thicker and more expensive, more badly, only suitable for very short lengths.

So, the fiber port is an essential part of modern Ethernet switches. They acted as an important bridge to connect the transceiver and switches. Then transmit the signal to even hundreds of kilometers over the fiber cable.

Now let’s turn to the reason for its importance.

  • First, since the SFP form factor is the most popular and thriving in the transceiver industry, the SFP form is the most reasonable and cost-effective choice.

  • Second, SFP is more miniature than GBIC port. Hence, sometimes we also referred it as a mini-GBIC port. That helps double the port density in the same switch space.

  • Third, it is hot-pluggable. The network administrator can quickly replace the appropriate SFP module without shutting the switches. That makes it perfect for expanding or modifying existing networks without completely changing the cable infrastructure.

  • Finally, it is cost-effective. Because of the popularity of the SFP form factor, there are so many vendors and choices on the market. Hence, switch manufacturers can easily find a reliable supplier at low prices. And those costs finally react to the switch device pricing, furthermore expanding the networking market.