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What is the difference between CS and SN connectors?
Knowledge Base + 2024.01.09

CS connectors (commonly known as SMA connectors) and SN connectors are both types of RF (radio frequency) connectors used to connect and transmit high frequency signals in electronic devices. The main differences between CS and SN connectors are as follows:

1. Size and form factor: CS connectors are smaller in size and have a threaded coupling mechanism, while SN connectors are larger and have a snap-on coupling mechanism.

2. Frequency range: CS connectors are used for frequencies up to 18 GHz, while SN connectors can support frequencies up to 34 GHz.

3. Application: CS connectors are commonly used in applications where size and weight are a concern, such as in mobile and handheld devices, while SN connectors are used in higher frequency and high-performance applications such as aerospace, defense, and telecommunications.

4. Interchangeability: CS and SN connectors are not interchangeable due to their different sizes and coupling mechanisms.

Overall, the choice between CS and SN connectors depends on the specific application requirements, frequency range, and size constraints of the electronic device.