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What are electrical port optical modules?
Knowledge Base + 2023.11.29

Electrical port module is also known as optical port to electrical port module, photoelectric conversion optical module, it is a kind of module that supports hot-swappable, the package form is SFP, and the connector type is RJ45.In addition, because the transmission distance of electrical port module is 10-30m or 80-100m, so the electrical port module is mainly applied to short distance data transmission.

Electrical port module, support for hot-swappable, package type SFP SFP + GBIC, commonly SFP and SFP + package, the interface type is RJ45 interface, can only be connected to the network cable for communication transmission.

The transmission distance of the electrical port module is relatively short, the farthest transmission distance is 100M, only suitable for short-distance data transmission, with high performance, small size, compact structure and other characteristics.

In addition, the electrical port module can not only make up for the lack of 10G DAC high-speed cable transmission distance, but also be able to directly use the existing copper cabling system to achieve the rate of 10G data transmission, while the use of SFP + optical modules need to use fiber optic cable wiring, which will increase the cost of network deployment.

Electrical interface module has its own advantages and disadvantages, specifically how to choose still depends on the layout of the data center and the budget for the data center.

Whether it is an optical module or electrical interface module is only an accessory in the construction, like building, less a brick may be the building is not strong, less an optical module of a network system may not be able to carry out, although the module is small but indispensable.

What is the difference between the electrical interface module and the optical module?

Different interfaces: the interface of the electrical interface module is RJ45, while the interface of the optical module to LC duplex-based, there are also LC simplex and MTP/MPO interfaces.

Match different: the electric port module is usually used with Category 5, Category 6, Super Category 6 or Category 7 cables, while the optical module is usually connected with the optical fiber patch cords.

Parameters are different: electrical port modules do not have a wavelength, while optical modules do.

Different components: The components of electrical port module and optical module are different, especially the electrical port module does not have the core component of optical module - laser.

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