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Is Keysight 86100D the use method of heart oscillograph lead plane
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

The method of lead plane of use 86100D oscillograph is as follows:

1、Above all, you need to choose appropriate module, be like 86105C, will cooperate 86100D oscillograph lead plane to undertake the test of photoelectricity signal and analysis. Different module has port of different bandwidth, input and function, you can choose according to your test demand.

2、Next, you need to be in module installation of 86100D oscillograph lead plane in inserting groove, ensure the link between module and lead plane is firm. You can see the model of module and state on oscillograph screen.

3、 Next, you need to receive signal source the input port of module repeatedly, choose limits of right fiber-optic kind, wavelengh, voltage and impedance. You can use the pushbutton on oscillograph face plate or feeling screen to undertake installing.

4、Then, you need to open the power source of oscillograph, press the AUTOSETUP button on next module face plate, make oscillograph automatic install first-rate to spark, time base and perpendicular parameter. You are OK also the hand moves those who adjust these parameter to optimize signal to show.

5、Finally, you can observe the weaveform of signal on oscillograph screen, the menu option of use oscillograph undertakes time domain is measured, the function such as spectrum analysis, eye chart analysis. You also can be saved, print or derive test data and picture.

86100D is lead plane of oscillograph of a wide bandwidth, Can receive the computer to go up repeatedly through different kind. Can choose way of the following kinds of join:

LAN join: The LAN port that you can use reticle general 86100D joins the LAN port of the computer, perhaps adopt a way by implement or switching equipment has link. Need installs appropriate IP on 86100D and computer address and child code of net attack by surprise, so that have communication. Still need to open SCPI server function on 86100D, so that receive order of long-range process designing. Can use the software of FlexDCA software or other support VISA, send SCPI order to 86100D through LAN.

USB join: Can use USB line to join the USB port of 86100D the USB port of the computer. Need installs software of Keysight IO Libraries Suite, so that identify 86100D,allocate address of a VISA. Can use the software of FlexDCA software or other support VISA, send SCPI order to 86100D through USB.

GPIB join: If 86100D has GPIB option, can use GPIB line to join the GPIB port of 86100D the GPIB card of the computer or converter. Need installs appropriate GPIB address on 86100D and computer, so that have communication. The configuration mode that still needs the 86100D according to you (standard mode or bequeath mode) , choose different process designing guideline and order volume. Can use the software of FlexDCA software or other support VISA, send SCPI order to 86100D through GPIB. Hope these information are helped somewhat to you.

Keysight 86100D-9FP PAM-N analyses software. This software can offer comprehensive light and analysis of electric PAM-4 signal, platform of oscillograph of Keysight 86100D DCA-X of help engineer application is finished fast and accurate PAM-4 (modulation of extent of 4 n pulse) signal test and test and verify.

Information age, people needs rich content and quick visit capability, because bandwidth of network of this data center faces significant pressure from beginning to end. Raise speed of yuan of parts of an apparatus simply to cannot satisfy afore-mentioned requirement. PAM-4 belongs to much phone ordinary mail to make, the purpose is to increase the data of link of communication of high speed number to transmit a quantity. For example, PAM-4 design can support 100Gb to arrive the aether net speed of 400Gb.

Organization of much home trade and standard body are applying or active consideration uses PAM-4 technology, so that achieve next generation rate, and clear than traditional blame (NRZ) the data rate that believes your promotion to appoint passageway bandwidth. Traditional NRZ measures algorithm to be able to be used in PAM-4 test partly, but the algorithm with the uniqueness specific need of PAM-4 signal oneself, and specific parameter is measured.

Software of 86100D-9FP PAM-N analysis offers measure below:

  • Wide, eye mixes the eye high a graph deflection

  • Noise of n extent, n and n deflection

  • Extent n degree of linearity

  • PAM-4 options and union of options of existing DCA-X software can provide more powerful analysis function:

  • PAM-4 equalizer (LFE, CTLE, DFE) , combinative 86100D options 201

  • PAM-4 passageway is built-in / go embedding, combine 86100D options SIM InfiniiSim-DCA

  • IEEE JP03 pattern of sling-load shakes and extent is analysed, combine 86100D options 200/300