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Can OM3 do 100Gbps?
Knowledge Base + 2024.01.12

Yes, OM3 (Optical Multimode 3) fiber optic cabling can support 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100Gbps) transmission. OM3 is a type of multimode optical fiber with a higher bandwidth compared to its predecessor, OM2.

The typical configuration for 100Gbps over OM3 involves using parallel optics with multiple fiber strands. There are different standards for 100Gbps over multimode fiber, and they use different configurations of fiber strands. Two common standards for 100Gbps over OM3 are:

  1. SR4 (Short Range 4):

    • SR4 configuration uses four parallel multimode fibers.

    • Each fiber carries a 25Gbps data stream, resulting in a total aggregate data rate of 100Gbps.

  2. BiDi (Bidirectional):

    • BiDi configuration uses two fibers for bidirectional communication.

    • Each fiber carries a 50Gbps data stream in opposite directions, resulting in a total aggregate data rate of 100Gbps.

It's important to note that while OM3 can support 100Gbps, the reach or maximum distance for reliable transmission depends on factors such as the specific transceivers used and the configuration (SR4, BiDi, etc.). OM3 is suitable for short to medium-distance connections within data center environments.

Always refer to the specifications provided by the transceiver and cabling manufacturers for accurate information on the supported data rates and distance capabilities based on your specific setup.