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Knowledge Base + 2024.01.16

CWDM SFP is a low-cost WDM transmission technology for the access layer of metro network.CWDM SFP optical module adopts CWDM technology, which can save fiber resources by using external wavelength division multiplexer to multiplex optical signals of different wavelengths together and transmit them through one optical fiber. At the same time, the receiver needs to use WDM to decompose the compound optical signals.CWDM SFP module is divided into 18 bands, from 1270nm to 1610nm, with 20nm between each two bands.

Figure1.25G SFP CWDM

Compared with the traditional TDM method, CWDM SFP has rate and protocol transparency, which makes it more adaptable to the development of high-speed data services in MAN. There are many different protocols and different rate services in MAN, CWDM provides a transmission channel with different rate and protocol transparency on one fiber, such as Ethernet, ATM, POS, SDH, etc. Moreover, the transparency and split-multiplexing function of CWDM allows users to go up and down a certain wavelength directly without converting the format of the original signal. In other words, the optical layer provides a transmission structure independent of the service layer.

CWDM is very flexible and scalable. For metro services, the flexibility of service delivery, especially the speed of service delivery and the ability to scale with the development of services, is very important. With CWDM technology, the service can be opened for users within one day or a few hours, and the capacity can be expanded by inserting new OTU boards as the service volume increases. Improve service quality. The application of CWDM systems in MANs makes optical layer recovery possible. Optical layer recovery is much more economical than electrical layer recovery. Considering that the optical layer recovery is independent of service and rate, some original systems that have no protection function by themselves (such as Gigabit Ethernet) can be protected by CWDM.

Because of the above advantages of CWDM technology, CWDM SFPs have been increasingly used in telecom, broadcasting, enterprise network, campus network and other fields.