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  • What signals does fiber optics transmit? How does fiber optics transmit data?

    Fiber optics transmit optical signals, which are signals that use the electromagnetic wave nature of light to transmit information. An optical fiber is a thin, hollow tube made of high-purity glass or plastic that is capable of transmitting light signals within it. The transmission speed of optical signals is very fast and can reach 1/3 of the speed of light, so optical fibers have a wide range of

  • What is structured cabling in a network system? A guide for beginners

    What is Structured Cabling?Structured wiring refers to the building infrastructure designed to support the performance and reliability of a network. It encompasses a number of standardized smaller elements (structured) and various components, including cables, connectors, racks, and patch panels, all installed in a predefined hierarchical structure. This standardized approach enables efficient man

  • 10G Copper SFP+: SFP+ to RJ45 Solution for beginners

    What Is SFP+ to RJ45 Connectivity Solution?The SFP+ to RJ45 solution is to use an SFP+ 10G RJ45 transceiver as an adapter for the SFP+ port and then connect a Cat6/7 cable from the server/storage side to the RJ45 connector of the SFP+ transceiver. It is a much cheaper solution than replacing a new RJ45 to SFP+ switch, and more flexible and less lossy than RJ45 to SFP+ media converters.4 Factors to

  • What are the key features of qsfp28 dd transceivers?

    QSFP28 DD (Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable Double Density) transceivers are designed to provide high-speed data transmission capabilities with improved port density compared to standard QSFP28 modules. Here are the key features of QSFP28 DD transceivers:Higher Data Rates: QSFP28 DD transceivers support higher data rates compared to traditional QSFP28 modules. They are designed to handle data rate

  • In June 2020, Walsun Optics moved to New Address

    With the rapid development of business recently years, our previous office and manufacturing center can not reach our requirement. Therefore in June 2020, Walsun Optics moved to a New Address at: 2-5# Building, Tongfuyu Industrial Zone, Aiqun Road, Shiyan Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen. China.   This movement would definitely start a new term of company developing.