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    What does 400G QSFP-DD Optical Module mean?

    QSFP-DD packages are favoured for 400G due to their high speed, small size, and pluggability, and 400G QSFP-DD optical modules have become one of the most popular optical modules when interconnecting next-generation data centre networks. With the standardisation of 400G, major vendors and suppliers

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    Optical Module Docking Principle

    Docking principleThe basic principle of optical module docking is:Optical modules supporting the same standard can be docked (the standard has defined the rate, wavelength and distance, etc., but does not include the package format, the package of the optical module can be inconsistent when docking)

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    What is the appearance and structure of the optical module

    Optical modules are optoelectronic devices that perform photoelectric and electro-optical conversion. The transmitting end of the optical module converts electrical signals into optical signals, and the receiving end converts optical signals into electrical signals. Optical modules are classified ac

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    How Optical Module Series are Classified?A beginner's guide

    Optical fibre communication has fully replaced cable communication due to the advantages of high transmission quality, small size and weight, etc. As an important part of optical fibre communication, optical module mainly serves as an optoelectronic signal converter, which converts the electrical si

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    What are the models of multimode fibre? A Beginner's Guide

    Multi-mode fibre abbreviation MMF (Multi-Mode Fiber ) "OM" stand for optical multi-mode, i.e. optical mode, is a multi-mode optical fibre to indicate the standard of optical fibre grade. Different grades of transmission with different bandwidth and maximum distance, from the following aspe