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What do you plug into SFP port?
Knowledge Base + 2024.01.05

You can plug various networking devices into an SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) port, such as fiber optic transceivers, gigabit Ethernet modules, and SFP modules. These can include devices such as switches, routers, network interface cards, and media converters.

Can the sfp interface be plugged directly into a fiber optic

The SFP interface can support both Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Different SFP modules can achieve different rates, but must be matched to the device using the port. It is necessary for the device to determine its required data transfer speed and install the appropriate SFP module, otherwise it may result in a slow or impossible network connection.

1.Can the sfp port be plugged directly into a fiber optic:

It is not feasible to insert optical fiber directly into the SFP port, SFP itself does not receive optical signals directly, it needs a professional optical module to convert optical signals into electrical signals for network communication. Therefore, before accessing the SFP port, a specialized optical module must be installed before inserting the optical fiber.

2.Types of sfp modules:

There are many different types of SFP modules available in the market, such as fiber optic SFP, copper SFP, and so on. Fiber optic SFP is a module for connecting fiber optic transmission media, which is usually used for long distance communication. Copper SFP, on the other hand, is suitable for short distance communication, which allows data to be transmitted over a twisted pair of wires that matches it.