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What are the features of the Yokogawa AQ6370D spectrometer?
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

Horizontal river Yokogawa AQ6370D is a spectrometer that applies to communication and general application, it can measure 600nm to arrive the wavelengh limits of 1700nm, have high accuracy, high resolution, tall dynamic limits and the characteristic that measure quickly. AQ6370D has two kinds of type, standard edition and high-powered edition, high-powered edition can offer taller wavelengh precision and dynamic range.


  • This instrument is only indoor use and design. Not be please outdoor place or use this instrument.

  • Set this apparatus please can unplug instantly when producing unusual or hazardous condition the place of next power supply cord.

  • The referenced illuminant of wavelengh of calibration of in order to of the buy inside the instrument, and light outputs connector fire infrared ray external from beginning to end. Please not with naked eye orthoptic light outputs connector. Once infrared ray shoots an eye, may bring about an eye to get hurt even eyesight drops.

Spectrometer of horizontal river AQ6370DAttention

Please not oscillatory instrument

  • Put instrument standard please, do not make its fall from height of two meters of above fall. The precision of lens of monochromatic of the buy inside this can serious effect, damage possibly even instrument function. Ask when carriage instrument be sure to scrupulous, use shockproof packaging, the quality that pack should not under leave factory level.

  • Do not use please simple and easy pack, otherwise cannot the vibration that sufficient amortize produces in carriage road and collision, the precision of lens of monochromatic of the buy inside this can serious effect, damage possibly even instrument function.

Open pack

  • When box of the reopen after the instrument is carried through case is taken out, to avoid knot dew, give out please proper time with making its sufficient acclimatization changes.

AQ6370D spectrometer is general note

  • Do not put goods on the instrument please

    Do not fold please put an instrument or water container is filled on the instrument, cause trouble possibly otherwise.

  • When carrying an instrument

    The instrument should be carried by two people. Appearance regard highly makes an appointment with 19kg, the handle of instrument both sides is grasped please when carrying, lest get hurt. Before carrying, shut mains switch please, unplug power supply cord and other cable.

  • Clear when besmirch

    When clean box or the besmirch that operate face plate, cut off the power source that measures loop and instrument please, unplug the electrical wiring of interface of instrument power source, use the dry cloth of clean softness to be wiped gently. Do not use volatile chemical please, the likelihood is brought about become angry or be out of shape.

Face plate of Yokogawa AQ6370D around introduces