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What Ethernet cable do I need for fiber?
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.08

For fiber internet, you will need a fiber optic cable, also known as an optical cable. These cables are specifically designed for transmitting data using light pulses and are essential for connecting to a fiber optic network.

Which Ethernet cable is best?

This depends on your needs, but for most home users, Cat 6 will be more than sufficient for high-speed networking, fast internet connectivity, and low-latency tasks like gaming. If you want greater performance over longer distances — over 150ft — then Cat 6a is worth considering.

If you want to completely future-proof your network, or are looking for datacenter-level performance, then Cat 8 is an option too, though more expensive. Ignore Cat 7 and its derivatives, it’s not worth the hassle of its additional compliance concerns.

If you are installing an Ethernet cable in a busy environment with lots of electronic devices, wireless signals, or leaky microwaves, then make sure to investigate Ethernet cables with additional shielding. These tend to be newer categories of cable, though not always.