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The main control of oscillograph and measure
Knowledge Base + 2023.12.12

Before face plate accuses basically

Normally the circumstance falls, the knob on the face plate before using and pushbutton will operate oscillograph. Besides before on face plate accuse beyond, a lot of high end oscillograph provided an operating system now, their mode of operation and computer are accordingly same. You can go to mouse and clavier join oscillograph, use mouse controls indication screen to go up next pulling menu and pushbutton will adjust accuse. In addition, a few oscillograph provide feeling screen, you can be used touch charge pen or bill of fare of finger tip visit.

Before beginning to use...

When you sit beside oscillograph for the first time, check the input channel that you are using to whether already was opened please. Press [Default Settings] (acquiescent setting) pushbutton (if have) . This will make oscillograph returns his primitive and acquiescent condition. Press next [Autoscale] (decide award automatically) pushbutton (if have) . If your weaveform cannot be on indication screen good show, this function will be installed automatically perpendicular with horizontal scale. It is start with this, undertake necessary adjustment. If you lost undee track, show weaveform very hard perhaps, repeat these measure please. Of most oscillograph before 4 main section contain at least on face plate: Perpendicular accuse, the level accuses, spark accuse accuse with the input.

Perpendicular accuse

On oscillograph perpendicular accuse distributing to have in mark normally " Vertical " (perpendicular) in the area of model of written characters. These accusing make you OK show in perpendicular square upward adjustment. For example, every case that one accuses a Y rod that is used at appointing to show reseau to go up (scale) voltage number. You can pass the voltage number that reduces every standard to magnify undee, also can narrow through increasing this amount undee. Still one accuses a perpendicular deflection that is used at controlling weaveform. Should accuse a translation of the fluctuation in can displaying screen whole weaveform. You can be in graph 16 in those who see oscillograph of series of Keysight InfiniiVision 2000 X is perpendicular control an area.

The level accuses

The level on oscillograph accuses distributing normally the mark on advanced face plate has " Horizontal " (level) the area of model of written characters. These accusing make you OK adjust indication horizontal scale. One accuses use at appointing the time of every case on X axis. Same, the time that reduces every standard can let the time range with your narrower enlarge. This area still has to be used at horizontal defer (deflection) accuse. Should accuse let you can scan a time paragraph. You can be in graph 17 be pleasant to the eye to control an area to the level of oscillograph of series of Keysight InfiniiVision 2000 X.

Arteries and veins is wide spark

When you need is found out when specific arteries and veins is wide, arteries and veins is wide spark spark with burr the function is similar. Nevertheless, normally you can spark any pulse that appoint width, the polarity of the pulse that and can choose should spark (lose or) . You still can set the horizontal position that spark. Come so, you can look clear to spark the circumstance of around. For example, you can carry out burr to spark, find out a mistake, examine the signal before sparking next, in order to determine the cause of generation burr. If you set horizontal delay,be 0, spark the intermediate position that incident will be put in screen standard way. The event that produces before spark will be located in screen left, and the event that produces after spark is located in on the right side of screen. You still can be installed spark coupling, set the input source that wants to spark. You are not to must want spark oneself signal, still can spark relevant signal. Graph of the 20 face plate before showing oscillograph spark control an area.

The input accuses

There are two normally on oscillograph or 4 imitate passageway. These passageways are met by number, every specific passageway still can have a relevant button normally, use at open or shutting this passageway. Additional, the likelihood still has an option, with will appoint communication or shed coupling continuously. If choose dc coupling, whole signal will be inputted. Conversely, communication coupling can hold back dc heft, make undee be placed in the middle is controlled in 0 bend over (ground connection) . In addition, still can appoint the probe impedance of every passageway through choosing pushbutton. Use input accuses still can select sampling kind. Basic signal sampling method has two kinds:

1、 Real time sampling connects real time sampling to often can collect enough undee sample, when be being collected every time accordingly, can capture undee whole picture. Use real time sampling, a few more current more high-powered oscillograph is in odd second in collecting, can capture the bandwidth signal that is as high as 32GHz.

2、 Sampling of time of equivalent of equivalent time sampling builds weaveform through be being collected for many times. Sampling undertakes to the one part of signal when be collected for the first time, undertake sampling to another part when be collected the 2nd times next, the rest may be deduced by analogy. Next, will all these field close together, in order to rebuild undee. Too fast to speed, cannot undertake real time sampling high frequency signal (>32 GHz) , equivalent time sampling is very useful.  

Software key

On the oscillograph that soft key often gives to did not install Windows operating system now (soft key picture sees a picture 8) . It is OK to use these soft keys navigation oscillograph shows the menu system on screen. Graph 21 showed the pattern that presses soft key nowadays pulls menu. What show in the graph is to be used at choosing to spark the menu of mode. You can undertake rolling choosing by soft key continuously, before on face plate have a knob, also use at scroll choice. Graph 21. Should press spark when the soft key of menu lower part, can show " Trigger Type " (spark type) menu.

Measure basically

Use number oscillograph can carry out extensive measurement to weaveform. Metrical range and complex degree depend on the functional collect of oscillograph. Graph the 22 blank that those who show is oscillograph of Keysight 8000 series show. The measurement that notices screen is the leftest and listed pushbutton / icon. Can use a mouse to pull these icon weaveform to go up, measure a result to be able to be calculated to come out. These icon are very convenient also, what because icon itself can inform you,undertaking measure.